About Floria Fay

Floria Fay is part of Imperial Commerce Menke & Rytkönen GbR, run by Sarah Menke and Miko Rytkönen, fashion professionals known for their earlier project Cara Curvy, a German plus size fashion line. Floria Fay's website went online in early 2020.

While looking for a new challenge and researching the swim apparel industry, Menke and Rytkönen came to a frustrating conclusion; The quality of swimwear is skyrocketing, but so are the costs. Knowing that these price tags are way over the top and make great swimwear inaccessible for many, Menke and Rytkönen decided to gather ideas on how to make a luxurious-feeling brand with prices that would still make sense. Using their existing manufacturing connections from running Cara Curvy in 2018/2019 and other projects, they created and curated a line of high quality swimwear at $20-$40 per swimsuit

Floria Fay has one goal: to CRASH the prices of swimwear. Don't get us wrong, we really like where the quality of swimwear is headed -- but we also want this new level of quality to be accessible to everyone, no matter where or who they are. We believe that everyone deserves to feel and look their best!

Quick Facts

  • Imperial Commerce Menke & Rytkönen GbR was founded in late 2017 and has been running multiple e-commerce projects.
  • Floria Fay was created and went online in early 2020.
  • Menke & Rytkönen are based in Germany.
  • Floria Fay offers free shipping worldwide, directly from the manufacturer.
  • Our goal: Make great-looking and luxurious-feeling swimwear accessible for every wallet. 


We are able to arrange a press affiliate deal (revenue share). The details are negotiable. Please email hello@floriafay.com for more details.


Nicole V.
I usually wear bikinis, but this swimsuit is just so elegant! It is my new favorite and I am looking forward to wearing it for my next vacation.


Laura R.
The only swimwear I will buy again and again! Very flattering, affordable and comfortable! Makes me feel so confident.


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You can email hello@floriafay.com with any further inquiries. You can also book an interview with one of our founders via email.